Common Equipment Used in Well Drilling

Common Equipment Used in Well Drilling

What Would You Need for Water Well Drilling

Gone are the days when a shovel was the only tool used in digging wells. Having a well can be beneficial for any household since water is directly taken from below the ground in which the said water can be used for daily washing (or even drinking) purposes. Listed below is the common equipment used in water well drilling:

Drilling rig

Well drilling companies today use different types of drilling rigs which are designed to quickly and effectively drill deep wells with narrow boreholes. The end result always leads to the creation of a reliable source of water for your property which will benefit you and your family. Drilling companies don’t use the same drilling equipment for every job, as soil condition and water table depth are two factors that need to be considered. For example, auger drills are used to dig through softer materials at lesser depths while air core drills are generally used when drilling a deeper well.

Drill rigs do not work alone. They are always attached to specialized trucks and are made up of several parts including the drill rod. The other parts include mud pumps, air compressors, and hydraulic winches. They work together with the drill rig so that the drill can easily be driven to the ground while also removing excess soil.

Water pump

Water pumps are needed to connect the water from the hole to the household water system. After a clean and even hole has been created, drilling personnel will then install a water pump and a well casing so that water will be safely transported to the home’s water system. A well casing goes hand-in-hand with a water pump as it is used to prevent contamination and blockages. Similar to drilling rigs, different types of pumps are used for each household since not all properties have the same water depth table.

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