Want to Make Sure You Have Water on Tap?

Want to Make Sure You Have Water on Tap?  

What Exactly Is a Well Water Pump?

A well water pump is used to draw water up from a well to transport to either a home or other such structure. Pumps are needed in sunk wells due to the fact the water will not be able to rise to the surface by itself. There are various different designs available in different applications, such as solar and wind-driven pumps which are off the grid water systems. A well specialist such as Hill Country Water Well Drilling Services will be able to install, maintain, and repair these pumps.

Two common designs are a jet and a submersible pump. Both use extended lines into the well and an electric motor to draw the water to the surface when needed. Some designs will fill a reserve tank with water so there is always water available, and others will deliver water on demand. As people turn on their taps, it triggers the pump to run, which in turn brings up the water for them to use.

There are some needs that are specific to wellpumps which have to be considered in both their design and installation. One is clogging, wells can have detritus, more so in dry seasons when the water gets to its lowest point, and some are rich in minerals which can form deposits on the components on the pump. This too can clog the headpump, which reduces water delivery, which can often result in the water stopping altogether. The pumping mechanism often has either a cage or screen to reduce clogs.

Another issue is something called priming. The well water pump is designed to work with a waterline. When air pockets start to develop, as when the power goes out or someone drains the line, the pump is unable to suck up water. The user has to manually prime the line in order to fill it with water so the pump will be able to run again.

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